Praxis Pharmaceutical is a company that works in the Health Sciences, based in the Parque Tecnologico de Minano, Alava, and which operates in Europe and Latin America. Our corporate purpose is the development and manufacturing for third parties, as well as the marketing of pharmaceutical products specialised in the treatment of orphan and low-incidence indications.

Praxis Pharmaceutical is structured in three divisions: R&D, Manufacturing Division and the Sales Division. Its mission consists of providing health professionals with innovative drugs and health products that extend the therapeutic arsenal they have to improve the treatment of their patients. Currently, has more than 60 specialized workers with broad experience in the research sector, the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and the marketing of drugs.

Praxis Pharmaceutical S.A. belongs to the Praxis Group, which in turn is made up of the following companies:

-Grupo Praxis Pharmaceutical S.L.
-Praxis Pharmaceutical S.A.
-Biopraxis Research AIE
-Praxis Biopharma Research Institute S.L.
-Praxis Clinic S.L.
-Praxis Manufacture S.L.